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Inês Florindo

Artist, Curator, Art Dealer, Art Director and specialist in conservation and restoration of works of art.

Meet Inês Florindo, a renowned artist, curator and specialist in conservation and restoration of works of art. With a deep passion for the arts, Inês has dedicated her life to the pursuit and celebration of artistic expression. Her constant commitment to her craft and her academic training in art have transformed her into a multifaceted professional with a profound knowledge of the creative world.

From an early age, Inês has always identified herself as an artist, who sees the world through the lens of creativity and imagination. Throughout her schooling, she immersed herself in art, embracing every opportunity to expand her knowledge and hone her skills. This continued dedication has led her to specialise in various art forms, including curating, art direction and art dealing.

Inês' experience goes beyond the realm of creation and curation. Her unique perspective and comprehensive understanding of conservation and restoration of artworks has allowed her to approach her work from a distinctive point of view. By merging her artistic sensibility with her technical expertise, she is able to bring a fresh and innovative approach to her projects.

Driven by her passion for cultural diversity and her admiration for Africa's art scene, Inês has found her vocation in the world of contemporary African art. Her time at the Ethnographic Museum of the Lisbon Geographic Society gave her a remarkable opportunity to work with African art, leading her to appreciate cultural identity, community values, the use of natural materials and traditional African art techniques.

As curator of the Afrikanizm Art Platform, Inês brings her experience and knowledge to the table, adding her unique artistic vision to each project. Clients seeking private advice can rely on her keen eye and exceptional understanding of contemporary African art to guide them towards meaningful artistic experiences and acquisitions.

Inês Florindo

Inês Florindo's Choices


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