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Adeboye Abiodun


Adeboye Abiodun was born on the 24th of December and was raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, while his origin is from Apomu, Osun State, Nigeria.

Abiodun attended Yaba college of technology where he obtained his national diploma in General Arts with speciality in painting and his higher national diploma in painting as well.

Abiodun has participated in various competitions and group exhibitions such as the Paddy Art Gallery drawing competition in collaboration with MITV in Ibadan in 2017; Art as a response to mental health in Doncaster - UK; Brooklyn Ubuciko Festival in New York.

His inspiration, for his works, often comes from memories, culture, time and fiction. His aim is that viewers feel the energy of his works and are able to travel and live the story that is painted in each piece.

The artist is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Adeboye Abiodun

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Artist's Artworks


Diary of a black boy, lost ball 1

Diary of a black boy, lost ball 2

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