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Adewole Damola


Adewole Afeez Damola was born on the 18th of May, in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a contemporary representative visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

His current medium of expression is acrylic on canvas. However, in the future, he intends to explore other mediums.

His works involve the overlapping of different techniques, styles and infusion of objects in order to tell stories of an individual or an adventure, challenging the propriety of culture or lifestyle with the use of predominantly female figures.

Damola comes from a family with no artistic background.

As an artist, he graduated and holds a Higher Diploma from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos.

Damola, as an artist whose works can be figuratively classified, feels that picturesqueness in art can serve as the phonation of distinct feelings, mood, and perhaps state of mind. For him, art is a medium that helps him fill the voicelessness.

Damola had as his master the famous Akinola Ebenezer who still serves as his inspiration.

Adewole Damola

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