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Aka Jkob


Jacob Lopes, who goes by the name Aka Jkob, was born in 1992 in Luanda, Angola.

As a child, he exhibited a remarkable creativity and interest in the arts. After completing his studies in Architecture at Lusíada University, he pursued his passion for design and graduated in Interior Design from the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy.

Throughout his academic and professional career, Jkob honed his skills in creating and developing his own multidimensional language, which is evident in each of his projects.

While Jkob expresses himself through various forms of design, it is in graphic design, particularly graffiti, that he showcases his inner subjective world, his passion for the sea, and his fascination with space. Jkob is a member of a pioneering graffiti group in Angola called "Baw Crew."

Currently working as a graphic designer, Jkob continues to push the boundaries of his art. His work is characterized by a free and innovative expression of his creative vision, which is a reflection of his unique perspective on the world.

Artist Statement

"As an artist, I am fascinated by the concept of the human body as a vehicle, a container that carries within it a complex and interconnected system of life. I imagine a world where traditional gender norms are eliminated and the human form is a canvas for self-expression and exploration.

My creative process is inspired by the concept of Jahmoh, in which the universe itself is a living organism. I believe that our bodies are a microcosm of this larger universe and that every part of our being has a life of its own. In my work, I seek to capture this intricate relationship between the body and the cosmos.

Through digital media, I create images that depict a post-apocalyptic future, a world beyond the collapse of the universe. These stories follow a generation that has left planet Earth and is now navigating the mysteries of the vast expanse of space. My aim is to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in my viewers, encouraging them to think beyond the limits of what they know and to imagine the possibilities of what could be.

Through my art, I seek to challenge the status quo, question the limits of identity and push the boundaries of what is considered possible. I believe art has the power to transcend time and space, to create a vision of a better world and inspire us to work to make that vision a reality."

Aka Jkob

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A Candonga não pára (o Cobrador)

Limpa a tua mente

Vende o teu peixe

Apegado ao Mundo

Negócios Ambulantes

Don't Cry. Cry Babe

Partido ( Um estado de Espírito)

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