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Aladejare Ayodeji


Aladejare Ayodeji was born in 1995 in Ekiti state in southwestern Nigeria. He is a figurative realist painter and known as the Spherical Artist.

He studied painting at the Art Education Department of Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria and is co-founder of Ayowole Art Academy in Lagos, a free art school for children where he teaches drawing and painting.

Aladejare believes that people's thoughts, emotions and stories are being transported through their minds, and whether or not they are so obvious, they have always inspired him. In his work, he tends to combine modern people with African tradition and history by painting figures with the characteristic "mirror ball" like their heads, which is the main theme of his work.

"In history the spheres are known as Spheres of Light and have healing properties, which can bring good luck and prosperity. Sometimes I paint spherical heads that depict landscapes while other times surreal spaces and places, mostly based on my intuition and the personality of the model. In general, the spheres convey the beauty of people's existence that is being reflected in their heads." Aladejare states.

Currently, his work has been exhibited in several national and international group exhibitions.

Aladejare Ayodeji

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