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Azeez Afeez


Azeez Afeez was born in the early 1990s in Lagos, Nigeria.

He studied Fine Arts at The Polytechnic Ibadan and majored in Painting. During his training at The Polytechnic Ibadan, he participated in a year-long workshop at A.S Ebenezer Studios under the guidance of Mr. Akinola where he mastered the craft of portrait and figurative arts.

His dream of becoming an artist started in his childhood, when he used his pencils to illustrate what he could not say in words due to his stammer.

His works have been featured in magazines, television art programmes and in his many exhibitions in Nigeria.

Azeez travels around Nigeria so that he can study the people, their environment and how it affects them. In this way he uses the experiences he has gained in his work.

He currently lives and practices in Ibadan.

Azeez Afeez

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City Boy Pose

Black Beauty

Home boys traverse

Black boy finesse

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