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Hamilton Francisco or just Babu was born in Angola in Malanje on 25 April 1974. From an early age he had a passion for painting.

He studied industrial design at the Manauto Training and Technology Centre in Luanda. Already in Portugal, he deepened his knowledge in Art.

Babu works with various visual forms. As a visual artist, after participating in the Museus no Centro (museums on the Center), Project in Coimbra, he created and developed the artistic research project "Memory and Identity", where he reflects and materialises major issues in the history of Africa in its relationship with the world, as well as the relationship between settler / colonised.

He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as artistic residencies in several countries. His works are present in public and private collections, in Angola and abroad, such as Fundação Millenium Atlantico, CLC Arquitectos, Presidente Meridien Luanda and Jean Clode de Almeida collection.


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