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Bello Gabriel


Bello Gabriel was born on the 12th of April 1988, in Nigeria. He is a full-time painter and artist. He studied Fine Arts at the prestigious institution, Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech).

Bello is an impressionist and a figurative artist with a unique style of interpreting blue and orange strokes. He also paints realism, but mainly impressionism, because, according to him, it gives him the ability and with to improve his skill.

His paintings talk about the daily life of people in society, the struggles, attempts, efforts and survival and much more.

Bello loves painting because it gives him pleasure while doing it in addition to the inspiration he receives. For Bello it is a joy to use his art to express the occurrences of life.

Currently, his works are spread all over the world, namely the United States.

Bello Gabriel

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Artist's Artworks

Inner peace

Inward Journey

Two sides to every story

Inner peace 2

The long wait

Why we linger

Inner peace 3


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