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Born in Maquela do Zombo, Papino Simão Mbongo, better known as Bolondo, his stage name, was born on May 9, 1990.

It was during his adolescence that his passion for the visual arts was born. Since then, he started to work and commit himself, starting with drawing and painting comics, which at the age of 12, he already mastered.

Like many of his compatriots, he spent much of his youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where his family took refuge during the civil war that raged in Angola.

In 2005, he finished his degree in painting at the Académie des beaux Arts (Kinshasa) and started working in a painting workshop.

By working in the workshop, he developed as an artist and seduced the various clients who passed by with his works.

Currently, Bolondo has an extensive list of individual and collective exhibitions, in Angola and in other countries.


Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A geração dos avôs. Passado é a chave.

A sociedade mumuila


Eu quero ser música e dança

Menina batalhadora


Pensamento do dia a dia

A lei natural

Advertências da sabedoria

Carga doce


Menina, a alma do mundo

Mulher africana

Persistência é a chave do sucesso

A razão de viver

Alma Gémea

Encontro Cultural


Minha banheira


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