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Bukola Samuel


Orioye Bukola Samuel (b.1993) is a self taught artist born and raised in the city of Osogbo Osun State. He is from Ido-Osi Ekiti state in Nigeria.

Finding his voice to study or pursue career in art was quite a challenge for him. It did not happen until after his first degree in Chemistry. He planned to pursue a master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Ibadan where his passion found a way through and he pursued his love for art under the tutelage of Mr Tope Fatunmbi at Topfat Art Gallery, Adamasingba Ibadan. He started his professional practice in 2020.

He draws inspiration from societal issues and struggles that life demands. His works are centered around the beauty and culture of people of color with a primary focus on women.

Artist statement: Questionning the present through the past for a better future. Selected Exhibitions: Mitochondria Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2022; Black Aids Institute, Artsy, 2022; Artist in support of Refugees from Ukraine, Artsy, 2022; Jẹjẹrẹ (Cancer), Orb Art Gallery, Osun, Nigeria, 2021 and Accountability in Politics – Abuja, Nigeria, 2021.

Bukola Samuel

Events and Exhibitions

2022 - Mitochondria Gallery, Houston, Texas;

2022 - Impact: Black Aids Institute, Artsy;

2022 - Impact: Artist in support of Refugees from Ukraine, Artsy;

2021 - Jẹjẹrẹ (Cancer), Orb Art Gallery, Osun, Nigeria;

2021 - Accountability in Politics, Abuja, Nigeria.

Artist's Artworks

Black Tulip

Sworn Sisters


Self Aware

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