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D Leopold Segueda

Burkina Faso

Dagnang-ne-wende Leopold Segueda, better known as D Leopold Segueda, was born on 11 August 1979 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Leopold from a young age, in primary school, was already drawing and drawing very well. However, it was only at the age of 18 that he became really interested in painting. From that time on, curious to know what results this path would lead him to, he began to paint and dedicate himself to it.

Leopold learnt to paint with Zare Faiçal, an artist from Burkina Faso.

Along the way, he refined his technique in various courses and workshops organised in Ouagadougou.

Leopold is self-taught and believes that technique is due to working at home, in workshops, every day, and with the masters. All this, makes the artists grow and be recognised today.

Leopold's first exhibition was at the Cairo International Biennale in Egypt in 2000.

Currently Leopold has numerous participations in group and solo exhibitions, national and international, and numerous national and international private collections.

D Leopold Segueda

Events and Exhibitions


  • Exhibition FIAN (International Festival of Naïve Art), Guarabira (Brazil);

  • Individual exhibition Galerie Saga, Lille (France);

  • Group exhibition "the 3 naive people of West Africa", Medina Gallery, Bamako (Mali);


  • Exhibition at the Burkin'art festival, Villeneuve les Avignon;


  • International Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Africa (Morocco);

  • Dakar Biennial Off at the Siss Gallery (Senegal);

  • International Exhibition of Naïve Art in Saumur (France);


  • Barclays' Bank George V PARIS 8eme ADEP AND ARKaval;


  • Dak'art Off at the Gemaps gallery (Senegal) Individual exhibition at the Nou'art gallery (France);

  • International Biennial of Naïve Arts (Ivory Coast);


  • Arts en Vrac, Salies de Béarn (France);

  • 7th Jeux de la Francophonie Nice (France);


  • Sam'Africa, Samatan (France);

  • Arts en vrac, Salies de Béarn (France);

  • Africajarc, Cajarc (France);

  • Tourist office of Grenade (France);

  • Dak'art Biennial (Senegal);


  • Group exhibition at Tsé-tsé Art Gent (Belgium);

  • International Festival of Verneuil d'Arts Naïf (France) 4th Salon Trans'Arts Cogolin Golfe de St-Tropez (France);

  • 3rd International Festival of Katowice (Poland);


  • Festival on the Niger in Segou (Mali);

  • Individual exhibition at the Taweydo gallery (Niger);


  • Individual exhibition at the Delaly gallery (Mali);


  • Cairo Biennial (Egypt).

Artist's Artworks

Ambiance Nocturne

Jour J 1

Le Village

Cantos das Mulheres Massai

La Famille



La Famille 2

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