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Daniel Emmanuel


Daniel Ayomide Emmanuel was born in Ibadan city, Oyo state, Nigeria on the 23rd of September 1999.

Daniel studied at The Polytechnic Ibadan in the year 2017-2019 and graduated with a National diploma in mass communication.

His artistic journey started at the age of 5 when he was attending primary school and looking at diagrams in his textbook. Since then, he grew up being a self-taught artist, where he honed his technique with artwork on social media and the comics his mother would buy. He spent years redrawing comics, and this helped him grow and build his passion as an artist before changing his art medium to painting.

He is a visual artist who creates art with acrylic paint on canvas to express himself and add beauty to the face of Africa and black people around the world. He is also a lover of music and sports.

He is mostly inspired by music, the way of life of the people around him and the African culture.

Daniel Emmanuel

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

Barnabas and Basquiat


Tale of a newsboy

Beholder 1

Heart Love

Black Melanin

Lady with the red jug

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