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Emad Ibrahim


Emad Ibrahim was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt.

He is a highly regarded artist in Egypt, with several distinctions and numerous national and international exhibitions.

Some of his works are in private collections, such as that of the Minister of Culture and present in the Egyptian Modern Art Museum.

Of his works of art, the most notable was the setting for the opera "One Thousand and One Nights" at the Gomhouriah Theatre in Cairo, as well as the Mural he painted at the Four Seasons Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh.

Emad Ibrahim

Events and Exhibitions

2016 - Exhibition (A Painting In Every Home) At Jeddah Atelier, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia;

2010 - The 11th International Pottery Forum In Fayoum;

2010 - Culture Week Exhibition In Pretoria And Johannesburg, South Africa;

2006 - Exhibition Of Contemporary Egyptian Art In The Romanian National Museum In Romanian;

2000 - Jerash Festival In Jordan;

1997 - International Havana Biennial, Cuba;

1994 - The 34th Pioneer Exhibition Award (Association Of Fine Arts Lovers);

1992 - Encouragement Award In The 4th Youth Salon;

1991 - First Prize In The Gazbia Sirry Competition For Painting, Faculty Of Art Education;

UNESCO Silver Jubilee Exhibition.

Participation In The Implementation Of The Decoration Of The Opera (One Thousand And One Nights) At Al-gomhoria Theatre; 

Design of The Mural Of The Four Seasons Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh; 

Design of The Mural Of The Four Seasons Hotel, Suez Road.

Artist's Artworks


In Storm day

Life Train 1


Waiting 1

Gohanamia (Bougainvillea)

Life Train 2

The Girl with the Green face

Waiting 2

Grim Kid


Nubain Face

The March

Waiting 3

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