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Emmanuel M. Yeku


Emmanuel M. Yeku is an artist from Abeokuta Coast, Ogun State.

Emmanuel M. Yeku is a goal hunter who refuses to be defined by limitations or tantrums.

His theme of work has always been the integration of the value of the human path to life through daily activities when he started as a full-time studio artist. His artworks depict human figurative images, of which most are dressed in modern - classical costumes and hairstyles, to portray the past and present of the human experience.

He likes to paint in series as it helps him express his inner mind and instigate how people should look beyond whatever influences or limits them in all ramifications of life. Yeku places even more emphasis on themes that have to do with human experiences to work on the right path for humanity. He started this with the aim of restoring hope and as an associative therapy for people. Oil and acrylic are his main mediums.

He never dreamt of being an artist from the beginning, but was inspired by criticism when fate put art on his path during his time at college, Federal College of Education, Osiele.

As a learned artist, he devoted all his time and energy to learning how to draw, paint and mould. He eventually became determined and was one of the best students in his group. Later on, he decided to specialise in painting.

Emmanuel M. Yeku

Events and Exhibitions

2022 -Strokes and Colours, an iDesign art exhibition, GAIA house, Victoria Island, Lagos.

2020 - The is never gone, a group exhibition at Federal College of Education, Abeokuta

Artist's Artworks

Local Champion I

Local Champion: Reborn II

Local Champion II

Local Champion: Right Plug

Local Champion: Reborn I

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