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Falope Abiodun


Falope ibrahim Abiodun, was born in 1995 and is a Nigerian contemporary artist.

His works are accompanied by fine touches of realism and a hint of impressionism. He is inspired by the daily scene that captivates viewers' interest in his painting. His works also pay homage to transcendental culture and the personalities engaged in buying and selling as it evolves.

He had an academic degree in General Art in 2019 while studying at Yaba College of Technology.

Falope is currently in his final year of studying Painting at the prestigious art, design and print school, Yabatech.

Falope Abiodun

Events and Exhibitions

Falope was selected as a finalist among the top 10 artists in the Best Art Month competition in 2020 and was also selected among the finalists of Next of Kin Series 4, which is an exhibition of the next generations of art masters organised by Thought Pyramid Art CENTRE. He exhibited among the 10 finalists in the Best Art of 2020 competitions in Nigeria at Nike Art Gallery. He also emerged and exhibited with the finalists of the Next of kin 4, 2022 series at Thought Pyramid Art Gallery, Lagos.

In 2023, he participated in the group exhibition 'Affordable Art' at Mydrim art gallery, Lagos.

Artist's Artworks

Body Language

Like Sunflower II


Like Sunflower

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