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Fernando Lucano


Fernando Dias, better known as Fernando Lucano, born in Luanda on April 15, 1989, started painting during his adolescence, while attending high school.

In 2010 he was assistant to artist Lino Damião and Nelo Teixeira, at UNAP (National Union of Visual Artists) and in 2014 he was assistant to Francisco Vidal and Rita RG at E-stúdio, in Luanda. Later, he worked with the artists António Olé and Alexis Pexine for 4 years. All his participations as an assistant, gave him the opportunity to discover and develop as an artist, creating his own signature.

He participated in several individual and group exhibitions, such as "New era Humanity", Lisbon, in 2021, "Entre a arte e a Reciclagem", Hotel Thomson House, Luanda, 2019, "Ser Cidade" Económico Bank, 2018, "Impressões e Expressões", Tamar Golan (Art and Culture Foundation), in 2017.

He is currently a member of the BJAP (Young Angolan Artists Brigade).

Fernando Lucano

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Criança livre de Mau trato


O Homem protector do meio ambiente

Crianças batem palmas

Liberdade I

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