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Fidèle Kabré

Burkina Faso

Fidèle Gaétan Kabré is a painter and designer from Burkina Faso. Born on 29 March 1982 in Kombissiri, he started his professional career in 2012.

He is a versatile artist who practices drawing, calligraphy, oil and acrylic painting. But after a workshop on the theme of shadow and light, his natural inclination and no doubt an inspiration from the primitive arts really transport him to a particular poetic inclination, to an epiphany of faces and hands! His art goes in search of Lost Time, of things seen and forgotten, of people who have disappeared, of faces found, of bodies touched, of smiles received or intercepted.

It is an undertaking of reconquest of a sunken world, of realities buried in the unconscious and by the artifices of painting found. In this work, there is no preliminary sketch, but only a need to access the territory of childhood, reminiscence and reverie.

Fidèle G Kabré's paintings thus raise the question of the importance of the hands in human life, following the example of Paul Valery who already in 1922 thought that "the in-depth study of the human hand (articulated system, forces, contacts, etc.) is a thousand times more interesting than that of the brain". Looking closely at the artist's works, one might even think that with the apparent autonomy of the hands as opposed to the rest of the body, they have an "external brain", as Kant claimed.

Fidèle Kabré

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A Travers La Vitrine

Instinct Maternelle

La demoiselle en bleue

La Vendeuse

L’Inoubliable Sarah


Portrait 1



La Préhension

Le Passant

Moments Relaxe


Portrait 2

Câlins de retrouvailles

La Cohue

La Prévoyante

Les confidentes

Neer Waya

Porteuse de Collier

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