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Gegé M’bakudi


Geraldo Pedro Gaspar, born on December 15, 1999, better known as “Gegé M'bakudi”, his artistic name, is a young visual artist and aspiring art director who since childhood has had several artistic manifestations. However, it was only in 2015 that he began his artistic career and since then many works and projects have been launched by him, such as the project “de pretos para pretos” ( from black people to black people) which he considers his life project and with which he intends to bring the black representation for society.

In 2019, he arrived at IBAKU (a group of young independent artists from Luanda, who intend, with their art, to pass on their vision of the society in which they are inserted) where he works as creative and scenographic director.

In 2021, he makes his first solo exhibition, Mvuma. M'vuma, in Kikongo, means flowers in Portuguese. It's a collection of 6 paintings whose concept is the exaltation of African traits combined with a diversity of flowers. The aim is to show that African beauty is as beautiful as the flowers represented.

“I always wanted the world to be able to see through my eyes how beautiful and poetic the black features are. The selection was made taking into account aesthetic rather than scientific factors. I have always felt indebted to Africa for the doses of melanin I received and this aroused in me an enormous desire to contribute, with my means, to the rebirth of African self-esteem”.

Gegé M’bakudi

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