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Godiva Omoruyi


Godiva Omoruyi (b. 1999, Lagos, Nigeria) is a Portrait Photographer, Digital Artist, and inspirational filmmaker. He is the founder and creative director of 4THFINGER STUDIOS.

In 2016, when he arrived in Lagos from Ghana after his studies, he decided to learn graphic design and photography at Women Development Center (WDC), Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. Now he is using knowledge from both mediums to create his artworks.

Godiva's artworks show the beauty of self-identity, self-love, peace and conflict, and the social subject.

Godiva Omoruyi

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A Good Day to Flex my Complexion - Edição Limitada de 50

Everybody is so Capping - Edição Limitada de 50

Adore You - Edição Limitada de 50

Journey - Edição Limitada de 50

Don't Forget to take a break - Edição Limitada de 50

Moon Child - Edição Limitada de 50

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