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Ivory Coast

Born on February 12, 1988 in Abengourou, Ivory Coast, Halidou lives and works in Bingerville (in the suburbs of Abidjan).

Successfully trained at CRAMA (Conservatoire Régional des Arts et Métiers d'Abengourou) and C.T.A.A (Centre Technique des Arts Appliqués de Bingerville), the artist has made stencil his preferred means of expression. His writing is the result of a subtle mix of graffiti and scripture strokes. He has ingeniously mixed with time and practice on multidimensional canvases: Street Art and its denunciatory labels, to Pop Art and its fun but no less committed colours.

Thanks to a technique that evolves with his inspirations, Halidou creates by using different types of pigments, unusual materials such as clay or improbable supports such as metal or recycled plastic. He paints, cuts and restructures by using stencil and spray cans to mark his works with the shadows of his characters.

Through his work, the artist skilfully portrays the problems of our society and confronts us with our responsibilities in an increasingly self-seeking world. He denounces with a singular firmness the shortcomings of his environment with a constant note of hope.

Halidou has become a modern psychologist, and exorcises with colour the evils of the world around him.


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