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Hanafy Mohamed


Born in 1970, al-Wady al-Gadid, Egypt, Hanafy Mahmoud Mohamed, lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.

Hanafy has a vast portfolio of national and international exhibitions and awards of recognition.

The work of Hanafy Mahmoud demonstrates the artist’s deeply felt engagement with some of the central issues of existence and the meaning of life. Fundamental to his art is the close observation of the sensual and psychological dimensions of the human kind. The paintings consist of life size individual figures or groups of men and women, often nude, set against dream-like backgrounds.

“The prime source of my inspiration in my works is the human condition and the events which surround it. The crowded street, public transport, packed with silent, frowning faces filled with expressions of refusal and objection and discontent, this affects me. Everything to do with the social, political or economic situation of man. Humanity is pivotal to my works and my concerns.”

Currently, Hanafy's works can be found in private collections, in Egypt, Germany and Belgium, as well as in institutions and museums, such as the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art, the Dutch Embassy and the Indian Embassy.

Hanafy Mohamed

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