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Lasisi Babatunde


Lasisi Babatunde Damilare is a talented Nigerian visual artist, born in 1994, who is based in Lagos. After completing his studies at Yaba College of Technology, Lasisi has developed an artistic practice that focuses on the fusion of various materials, which serves as a tool for social commentary. He uses his artwork to address various issues in his environment and the society at large, as well as his personal reality, which he reimagines and recreates with the merger of different materials such as charcoal, coffee, newspaper, and pigment to create these explorations through the use of unconventional forms and textures.

Lasisi's works are held in private and public collections locally and internationally. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, art talks, art workshops and solo exhibitions. His artistic style is characterized by the use of exaggerated figures, which serve as a medium to address the issue of body shaming and as a form of encouragement to appreciate and cherish ourselves the way we are.

He sees himself as a sojourner documenting the visual experiences of mankind within this current space and time. Lasisi Babatunde is definitely one to watch, as he continues to make waves in the contemporary African art scene with his unique and thought-provoking artistic style.

Lasisi Babatunde

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Artist's Artworks

Quiet Time I

The Journey II

Quiet Time II

The Journey I

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