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Manzi Léon


Manzi Léon was born on 14 June 2001 in Rwanda and is a self-taught surrealist visual and digital artist. His passion for drawing started when his father appreciated every little drawing of his.

The Artist spent most of his childhood with his mother and saw herself sacrificing many times for the welfare of the family. This experience has shaped the way Manzi sees the struggle and contribution of women in every household. In this way, the artist believes that by using his thoughts and feelings, in relation to his experience, he can, in a better way, advocate and value black women.

Applying paint to a canvas became his ultimate escape and confidence to express what he feels is right when dealing with daily challenges.

Manzi makes the use of painting impasto/painterly because it gives him an exciting energy to see the visible brushstrokes converging on a canvas to form a masterpiece.

For him, art is a cure or something that heals and uplifts society. His inspiration comes from society in general, particularly, everyday situations, global culture and Technology.

Manzi has developed a lot as an artist and has already been participating in several exhibitions in Rwanda.

Manzi Léon

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks


Woman of Determination III

Woman of Determination I

Woman of Determination IV

Woman of Determination II

Woman of Determination V

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