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Mohammed Eid


Mohammed Eid was born on the 11th of November 1988 in Cairo, Egypt.

He is a visual artist and a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In 2010 he graduated in the area of graphics and printing, with distinction at the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2015 he took his master's degree in the same area, and in 2020, he completed his studies with a PhD in philosophy of fine arts, entitled "The Dialectics of Presence and Absence in Graphic Arts" at Helwan University.

Mohammed Eid has a long track record of solo and group exhibitions, in Egypt and abroad, such as Italy and Bulgaria and several awards, such as the first prize in the 54th Vanguard competition in the field of painting in 2014 and the Grand prize in the Atyaf competition of the second session in the field of painting in 2019.

In 2019, Mohammed represented Egypt at the first congress of drawing "Zouk Mikael Prishti" in Lebanon and in 2020, he participated in the international painting congress in Luxor.

His works are present in collections that can be found in the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art, the China Museum of Engraving and in some Arab countries such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Eid

Events and Exhibitions

  • Participation in the celebration of Mahmoud Khalil Museum in 2006

  • Group exhibition at Prince Taz Palace in 2008.

  • Collective exhibition for a batch at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek in 2010.

  • Early Graduates Exhibition 2011.

  • Collective exhibition of small pieces in El Sawy Culture Wheel in 2011.

  • The first TerraSina Youth Group Exhibition in 2015

  • The first Arab Youth Festival in 2016.

  • Collective exhibition entitled “Out of the Box” in 2017

  • 28th session of the Youth Salon in 2017

  • Atyaf competition of the first session in 2017

  • A collective exhibition - accompanying a 16-day campaign against violence against women in 2017

  • The second festival of Arab youth in 2018

  • Group exhibition Egypt-Portugal for painting and printmaking edition in 2018

  • Group exhibition First Time at the Library of Alexandria in 2019.

  • Collective exhibition at the Townhouse Gallery in 2019

  • The third Dai Festival for Arab Youth in 2020.

  • The General Exhibition in its 41st session in 2020.

  • A virtual group exhibition at Racotis art gallery in 2020.

  • Exhibition of the product of the Luxor International Painting symposium 13th session in 2020.

  • Knights of Dai exhibition in its third session in 2021.

International Collective Exhibitions:

  • Egyptian exhibition 100 × 100 - at the Egyptian Academy in Rome 2011

  • Deja vu exhibition in Corania in 2019

  • Varna International Printing Biennial ... Bulgaria 2019

Artist's Artworks

Autumn of Eve

Composition N1

Composition N2

Composition N3

From bilateral "How long"

My Beauty Girl 1

Sem Título

Autumn Presto

Composition N1

Composition N2

Endless Autumn

I Become a Centaur 1

My Beauty Girl 2

The Lover's

Composition N1

Composition N1 & 2

Composition N2

Eve's duality

I Become a Centaur 2

My Beauty Girl 3

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