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Moyosore is an artist who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1993.

Moyosore's father (a cartoonist) helped him start his artistic path when he was very young in Lagos, Nigeria. He saw his ability and encouraged his aspirations by serving as a mentor.

After spending three years studying a course in public communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in Ogba, he eventually went on to find fulfilment in the arts at the Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos.

Yaba College of Technology in Lagos awarded Moyosore a National Diploma (ND) in General Art in 2014 and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in graphic design in 2018.

A large portion of Moyosore's work is autobiographical, including self-portraits, portraits of others, and calm incidental scenes of his acquaintances and surroundings.

The National Museum Onikan in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted an exhibition of Moyosore's work in October 2021.

In September 2022, he also finished a residency at the DIDA gallery in the Ivory Coast.

Moyosore uses the juxtaposition of culture and social conventions, as well as conflict and resolution, in her art as a way to understand time and routine. His most difficult life experiences, particularly those that relate to various eras in time, space, and memory, serve as the inspiration for his artwork. He communicates himself through paintings by fusing his past and present, using the combination of recognizable yet distant people and locations to remind himself of his beginnings. As a response to the world he envisions, he creates a fictitious and immersive setting by infusing colour into his compositions. He builds a visual language and lexicon to address both personal and socio-political issues by incorporating poetry, metaphor, and symbolism into his works.


Events and Exhibitions

2022 - Residency at the DIDA Gallery, Ivory Coast;

2021 - Exhibition at The National Museum Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria.

Artist's Artworks

Comfortably numb

I want to recognize me

Shares of Self

Done been everywhere


I never went looking for home

Only God can George

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