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Neemias Kiala


Neemias Kiala Lupitisa was born on the 6th of July 1993, in Maquela do Zombo, Uíge and began to develop a taste for painting at the age of eight, influenced by his cousin who is also an artist.

He studied art at the "Institute of Fine Arts of Kinshasa," where he learned to practice the technique of engraving on metal.

In 2016 he returns to Angola where he finds it difficult to continue his career as an artist and ends up working in an advertising company, where he had the opportunity to get to know street art.

In 2017, Neemias Kiala meets the renowned plastic artist Guilherme Mampuya who invites him to be part of his studio. During his career at Guilherme Mampuya's studio, Neemias learned and developed new techniques, such as the technique of charcoal on canvas and oil pastel chalk, which he currently uses in his works.

As a result of the experience acquired with artist Guilherme Mampuya, Nehemiah fell in love with African tribal art (traditional African masks), a work he has performed in favor of Angolan and African culture.

He participated in several collective and individual exhibitions.

Neemias Kiala

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Divindade Punu eTapeçaria Kuba

The Joker


Rainha Punu Negra

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