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Ochola Timothy


Ochola Timothy Onyango is a Kenyan visual artist, who graduated in landscape architecture, but eventually found his peace in painting.

In this way, Timothy combines the two arts to create a "colourful fusion of creativity".

The Artist believes that art is like a doorway to well-being, peace of mind and service to society. This has always been his motivation for his artistic journey.

In his works, Timothy works with warm and bright earthy colours and contours to express his deepest feelings and the main theme is the celebration of identity and energy around activities carried out in the African context, while questioning the trajectory of the world.

The use of paint Acrylics, oils and watercolours are his preferred mediums as they allow him to experience the flow and harmony of colour.

"The use of materials in my work is calculated. I often look for avenues for the unexpected. An ironic twist on images or things you might expect. Or their combinations. To provoke the viewer into new and perhaps unexplored territories" says the artist.

His aim is to create art that connects people through experiences, dreams and questions they have about the world.

Ochola Timothy

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