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Okedoyin Oluwatosin Luli


Okedoyin Oluwatosin Luli is a fine artist whose works are represented abstractly by human forms and colours. With acrylic as his preferred medium, his paintings are usually imaginative and are mostly surrealist.

The usage of distorted strokes and lines makes his works striking.

Dreams and trances have an essential role in the creative process of the artist's work, which is evident in his use of bold colours and distorted representation of his subjects.

Luli's works document peculiar stories that resonate and connect to his audience's memories. Intending to put together a relationship between African traditional art and contemporary art, he introduces the conventional Yoruba damask and gele patterns to his subjects.

Coming from a place of contentment and peace, he reflects his expressions on the works he creates. The intricacy of his work is a visual metaphor of the subject matter he engages with on the canvas.

Luli is a graduate of Lagos state polytechnic.

Okedoyin Oluwatosin Luli

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A Course for Love

Matter of Diamond

Waiting for love II

A little sounder

The Soldier, the King and the Poet


Echoes of Roses


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