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Qozeem Abdulrahman Olaoluwa (b.2000) lives and works in badagry (Nigeria), is a self-taught artist.

In 2018, he worked as a studio assistant at EFstudio under the tutelage of Mr. Agemo Francis.

In his works, the artist uses acrylic, paper and charcoal on canvas as a medium of expression to address his experience and activities around him from when he was little. Growing up in a rural environment provided him with beautiful memories of playing and moments from when he was a child. These same memories are the great inspiration and influence to create a realistic mixed media painting.

Today, Olaoluwa is a highly regarded artist who has had the opportunity to exhibit in Nigeria and internationally such as Spain and Colombia.


Events and Exhibitions

  • Sogal Art Auction, Lagos, Nigeria, 2021;

  • “Super Plástica”, Galería Casa Cuadrada, Bogotá D.C, Colombia 2021;

  • Urvanity Art, Galeria Casa Cuadrada, Madrid, Spain 2021;

  • Art Auction asequible Art house contemporary limited, Lagos, Nigeria 2020;

  • Next of kin art 2020;

  • Gallery Young contemporary bootcamp exhibition.

Artist's Artworks

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