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Paulo Amaral


Paulo Alexandre Amaro Peres do Amaral, a passionate and dedicated individual, was born on October 15, 1969, in the vibrant city of Lisboa. As a father, he found immense joy and fulfillment in raising his three beloved children, Muriel, Marcello, and Mauro Zinny.

Growing up in Angola, Paulo Alexandre developed a deep connection with his homeland, immersing himself in the vibrant colors and rich cultural heritage that surrounded him. Despite not having a formal art education, he was a self-taught artist who honed his skills through sheer determination and a lifelong fascination with artistic expression.

In pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, Paulo Alexandre attended the Middle and Polytechnic Institute of Education of Luanda (Karl Marx-Makarenko) from 1985 to 1989. He ventured into the world of architectural design, working at the Office of Studies and Projects and Technical Assistance (GEPAT) from 1987 to 1992. Additionally, he served in the military from 1988 to 1993, showcasing his commitment and dedication to various endeavors.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Paulo Alexandre's heart lay in music, particularly in the enchanting world of Jazz. His passion for musical instruments, especially the piano, led him to become a talented pianist for the Economics Jazz Band from 1988 to 1993. In his leisure time, he also indulged in playing the guitar, further reflecting his creative spirit.

It was in 1988 when Paulo Alexandre discovered the profound meaning behind colors, igniting the spark that would fuel his lifelong journey as a painter. Embracing his artistic calling, he held his debut exhibition, titled "Colours and Tones," in March 2001. This momentous event marked the beginning of his artistic career, and from that point onwards, he never ceased to paint.

Paulo Alexandre's dedication and talent garnered recognition, leading to his participation in a remarkable 41 individual and collective exhibitions. His portfolio of artwork showcases his unique style, capturing the essence of his cultural roots and personal experiences. Through his paintings, he communicates emotions, memories, and stories, inviting viewers to connect with his art on a profound level.

As an Angolan artist, Paulo Alexandre Amaro Peres do Amaral's contribution to the world of art and culture has been significant. His passion for colors and traces, combined with his self-taught talent, has allowed him to leave a lasting impact on the art scene. His artistic journey stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of a true artist.

Paulo Amaral

Events and Exhibitions

2023- A 4a Onda - 6th Edition of the Reciclarte Project, Luanda;

2022 - CARVOEIROS, participation and curatorship, Luanda;

2022 - GUARDIANS, 5th Edition of the Reciclarte Project (participation and curatorship), Luanda;

2022 - Solo exhibition 100 Kijila, Luanda;

2021 - Camões Cultural Centre, Luanda;

2021 - Itenerant exhibition Reciclarte 29, 3rd and 4th Edition;

2021 - Virtual Exhibition Kaluandando, 3rd Edition, Luanda;

2021 - Camões Cultural Centre, Luanda;

2020 - Reciclarte Exhibition 1st Edition, Luanda;

2019 - Restoration of the images of the Church of Jesus, Cidade Alta. 12 Images of Saints and Eight Side Niches.

2019 - Plo Vão das Escadas, Luanda;

2018 - Kaluandando, 2nd Edition, Luanda;

2017 - Between Waves, Luanda;

2017 - Kaluandando, 1st Edition, Luanda;

2016 - Olongombe Project, Namibe, Lubango, Benguela, Luanda;

2016 - Body and Soul, Luanda;

2016 - Shared Artefacts, Luanda;

2015 - Ao Sabor das Ondas, Luanda;

2014 - Roots, Luanda;

2012 - Luanda Nova, Luanda;

2010 - Cacimbart, Luanda;

2010 - Atitud, Luanda;

2009 - Tintando, Luanda;

2008 - Conexão 3x3, Luanda;

2007 - Coreszitas, Luanda;

2006 - Memories, Luanda;

2006 - Espaço da Lola, Luanda;

2006 - Casa de itália, Luanda;

2005 - Land sea and air, Luanda

2005 - March Multier, Luanda

2005 - The hidden side, Luanda

2004 - Fashion week, Luanda

2004 - Samples, Luanda

2003 - Masks and expressions, Luanda

2003 - Cine Loanda, Luanda

2003 - Fusion, Luanda

2002 - Africa Day, Luanda

2002 - Picturesque conviviality, Luanda

2001 - Taking them for a walk, Luanda

2001 - Dot and line in colour, Luanda

Artist's Artworks

A Palhaçada




Espírito Kaluanda

Peixeira I



Peixeira II

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