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Pedro Masisa


Pedro Masisa, born on 9 September 1972, in the province of Zaire, municipality of Soyo, is a highly dedicated and talented artist. From an early age, Pedro showed a natural inclination for art and has nurtured this passion throughout his life. He pursued his artistic training at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), where he completed his secondary and higher education before obtaining his bachelor's degree in 1997.

From his earliest years, Pedro immersed himself in the world of painting. His artistic style is a fusion of impressionism and expressionism, characterised by vibrant brushstrokes and a rich palette of colours. His favourite subjects include children, women and themes of joy and love. Drawing inspiration from his own childhood experiences, Peter's paintings often evoke a sense of happiness and fond memories. Growing up in a large and loving family of eleven siblings, with eight boys and three girls, Pedro treasures the harmony and affection that surrounded him. His artworks reflect this joyful spirit, using bright colours and depicting happy children and women, serving as a nostalgic tribute to his childhood upbringing.

As well as capturing the essence of personal memories, Pedro also seeks to utilise his art as a means of social commentary. By depicting social themes in his paintings, he aims to educate and enlighten society. Through his brushstrokes and choice of social themes, Pedro invites viewers to engage with the issues he highlights, creating an opportunity for dialogue and reflection.

Pedro Masisa's artistic journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to his art. With a unique blend of impressionism and expressionism, he paints scenes that embody joy, love and his personal experiences. At the same time, he uses his art as a tool to shed light on social issues, inviting viewers to reflect on the world around them. Pedro's vibrant and meaningful creations continue to captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact on both the art world and society at large.

Pedro Masisa

Events and Exhibitions

2021 - Collective Exhibition at Shopping AVENIDA Morro Bento, Luanda, Angola;

2020/2021 - Christmas group exhibition, ESCOM, Luanda, Angola;

2020 - ENSA Awards, Luanda, Angola;

2019 - Solo Exhibition at Tamar Golan gallery, O quotidiano, Luanda, Angola;

2019 - Collective Exhibition at Shopping Avenida Morro Bento, Luanda, Angola;

2019 - Experimental Group Exhibition at the Escom commercial gallery, Luanda, Angola;

2007 - Collective Exhibition - Eco dos Heróis, Hotel Presidente, Luanda, Angola.

Artist's Artworks

A beleza africana II

Aleitamento Fenomenal

Ambiente de São Paulo

Lavandaria da Banda


A dança


Amor da Infância

O líquido Precioso


A fruta proibida


Atitude Feminina

O líquido precioso II

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