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Rasto Cyprian


Rasto Cyprian is a young artist who grows from the mentorship he receives from other artists he comes across and self-explores art as it is.

Art was introduced to him when he was 12 years old at school by participating in a competition at school, in which he won first place. After the competition she started to receive requests from her teachers to draw diagrams on the chalk board, which allowed her to develop her drawing skills.

He later joined the master Onyis Martin at the age of 15. Since then he has been accompanied by Onyis Martin and that is how he knew that art was his passion.

Rasto participated in several art competitions, fairs and exhibitions which helped him build his art in various ways.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Educational Arts and working under the Kobo Trust as a self-taught artist.

His work is really about pictures, as the artist believes that as a culture we try to create some permanence for some life events that we cherish. In this way we use photographs, which are taken, to try and keep the moments alive. "These photographs taken, when they are later viewed, cause an almost identical experience to the event that happened, which is a really interesting thing in terms of vivid memory." says Rasto.

"Photographs really have a power when interacted with as "moment keepers".

Throughout human history, we have images that remind us of some events in different cultures, whether from cave paintings, and all over Europe are paintings and other cultures adapt their own sense of memory keeping. In recent centuries, we as a race have invented the camera which, more than ever, has become essential in the present. The whole world is almost on the same page of habit, there are more moments when it is copied and the next generation will easily know what it was like to live in this world at this time because of the pictorial output we have. For me, this is the power of pictures in the process of embracing culture and really keeping history.

I started painting when I realised that art is also a career and should be taken like any other professional field."

Rasto Cyprian

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