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Richard Adusu


Richard Adusu, born 1983 in Accra, Ghana, is a contemporary artist and musician based in Greater Accra.

He graduated from The Ghanatta College of Arts and Design in 2005 as a professional painter and textile designer.

Through the use of diverse materials such as acrylic, oil paints and modeling paste, Richard creates a tactile impression that captures the pure energy, the honesty and the intensity of each subject.

Politically, he is interested in exploring black and African lives from a perspective of pride, which is why he often portrays leaders, activists, community members, sports icons alongside ordinary people.

His sizable black canvases allow him to showcase his exploration of the African diaspora with a strong visual element. The emphasis on light in each subject creates a mixture of movement, touch, stillness and balance.

His work has been exhibited in several places, including:

- 2021, The National Culture Center of Accra

- 2021, Madlozi Art Gallery

- 2021, Christopher Moller Art Gallery

- 2020, "Since 1975" at the Accra Art Center Gallery

- 2019, "Variation" at the National Culture Center in Accra

Richard claims that the roughness and smoothness of his works are personal mnemonics for his childhood struggles.

Richard Adusu

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Artist's Artworks

Beauty beneath the scarf

The Love letter

Jacket of many colors


Red or Gold

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