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Robert Commey


Robert Commey was born on December 19, 1993 in Accra, the capital of Ghana and works in Kasoa.

Commey doesn't remember when the passion started or when he started painting, but he remembers that, at the age of 8, he already dedicated his time to drawing on the school board.

After high school, the artist became interested in wanting to learn the various types and techniques of art and, for that reason, he decided to go to an art school.

Commey graduated in painting at the Faculty of Art and Design in Ghanatta and began painting professionally in 2014.

His works are a fusion of Expressionism and textile design and are, above all, influenced by African textile prints, by the personal and social lifestyle of his community. In his works, he exposes emotions and social issues.

His first exhibition was a group exhibition at Veevinos and Soul Restaurant in Osu, Accra, Ghana, in 2015, whose theme was Soulful Art; and his first solo exhibition was in 2018, at the Native bar Restaurant, whose theme was The Other Side, Accra, Ghana.

His dream is to contribute immensely to the rich cultural heritage of African textiles and symbols in the contemporary art of his time.

Commey paints because he considers himself an introverted person and art helps him to express himself in the best way.

Robert Commey

Events and Exhibitions

"My first exhibition was a group exhibition at Veevinos and Soul Restaurant at Osu, Accra. Ghana. Exhibition theme - Soulful Art - 2015.

My first solo exhibition was in 2018 - at Native bar Restaurant . Exhibition theme was -The Other Side - Airport Residential, Accra. Ghana."

Artist's Artworks

Beach View

Market Woman

The Fisherman



Hiden Love


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