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Sérgio Embanga


Sérgio Lumingo was born on June 29, 1988.

Sérgio Embanga, his artistic name, his passion for art started from an early age.

He attended the Institute of Fine Arts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 1996, he attended the Atelier Mukalay.

He is currently one of the artists of Atelie Mawete in Angola.

He did an artistic residency at the ARMA gallery in 2018 and participated in several group exhibitions, such as the exhibition "Tusikama" by atelier Mawete, "Escravo do 21st century" by the ARMA gallery, "African opulent art 2019 " in South Africa, "Tomorrow's Future Starts Today" in 2021.

Sérgio Embanga

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

A promessa errada


O Segundo rosto das Mulheres

Expressão da Democracia

O corpo d'Acácia

O Seguro


O pensamento do Homem


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