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Sarah Tantawy


Sarah Tantawy is a young Egyptian painter who was born in 1994.

She holds a degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University (2017).

Sarah Tantawy has participated in many national and international art exhibitions. In addition, she has been recognised and awarded with several prizes.

The Artist has a great interest in women's feelings, so the woman is the main character in her pieces.

Sarah's paintings depend on her personal experiences. As a woman, Sarah portrays and expresses the feelings of loss and loneliness. Feelings that are felt by many women around the world, as well as the lack of social support. She believes that it is because of this lack of social support that many women lose their way and live a devastating life.

Sarah Tantawy

Events and Exhibitions

International Exhibitions:

  • Collecting reward from 2nd Dafen international painting Biennale 2021.

  • 8th Beijing international Art Biennale 2019.

National Exhibitions:

  • (silent weeping) Solo exhibition at motion art gallery 2022

  • 13th Luxor international painting symposium 2020.

  • Art town exhibition 2020

  • Farouk Hosnny competition 2020

  • Dai exhibition 2020.

  • Youth salon 2020.

  • Exhibition at Safar khan gallery 2019.

  • Atyaf competition – First rank-2019.

  • Youth salon 2018.

  • youth salon 2017.

  • Ebdaa exhibition 2016.

  • Received a full-time scholarship from the Ministry of Culture 2019 ,2020 , 202.

Artist's Artworks



Pile of Hay

String Orchestra I

Soul of natural

String Orchestra II

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