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Sherin Elbaroudi


Sherin Elbaroudi, is an Egyptian plastic artist, born in El Menia on March 15, 1981.

In 2003, she graduated from the Faculty of Art Education, and in 2016 she completed his master's degree in arts education.

Sherin has been present in several local and international group exhibitions, such as the Egyptian Youth Salon, Beijing International Biennale in 2017, International Book Biennial at the Romanian Museum of Modern Art in 2011 and the Luxor International Painting Symposium in 2017 and won many national and international awards.

Sherin, for her works, is inspired by geography, mainly maps, where she combines their lines with contemporary techniques of painting and drawing to express human values.

Currently, her work can be found in the Museum of Modern Art of Egypt in Cairo, in the Museum of the Book of Art in Romania, in the Museum of Seljek University in Turkey, in the Ministry of Culture in Cyprus and in private collections in several countries such as Austria, France, India, Belgium, Russia and Italy.

Sherin Elbaroudi

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks


Abstract land


Inside Black Color


New Land


Abstract 2

Abstract Land



New Generation


Silk Road 1

Abstract 3

Abstract Shape



New Generation 2

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