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Sinenkosi Msomi


Sinenkosi Msomi, was born on the 22nd of September 1995 in Eswatini.

His work consists of staged and conceptual photography.

The themes addressed in his work include issues of mental health, the importance of self-expression and exploring the meaning of childhood memories.

His education plays an important role in his work. Sinenkosi recalls the different sides of growing up in an African extended family and how this helped shape him.

His images are a reflection of his expression, as it helps him to talk about subjects that he sometimes cannot find the words to express.

His first solo exhibition titled - All that glitters is not gold, at Yebo Art gallery, which explored mental issues affecting young people and the second exhibition was organised in collaboration with The American Spaces Eswatini and Enactus Eswatini programme titled "Strong Attributes of a woman".

In 2020, Msomi received the social justice award at the African Union and the Afrochampions Nefertiti art award for works that addressed themes of social change, justice, inclusion, equity, equality, struggle, and anti-oppression. He was also one of the winners of the Bobby Pall Photography in partnership with the Mastercard foundation through African art, whose focus was on African resilience during the pandemic.

In 2022 he exhibited his artworks at one of the biggest festivals in Africa, Bushfire Festival 2022 and at the DAK_Artbiennale NFT Exhibition on Goree Island, Senegal.

Sinenkosi currently resides in Mbabane, Mpolonjeni, is part of 1Macollective, a group of artists seeking to promote African culture through the sale of NFTs and is a student, final year, of Marketing at Eswatini University.

"Photography is a medium of self-expression," It educates, it allows for storytelling and strives to unite."

Sinenkosi Msomi

Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks

Blossoming smile - Edição limitada de 10

Ponder Dimensions - Edição limitada de 10

Swim boy Swim - Edição limitada de 5

When we were young - Edição limitada de 10

Formidable We stood our ground - Edição limitada de 7

Qhakaza shine - Edição limitada de 5

Tasted Feelings of joy - Edição limitada de 10

You felt my Pain - Edição limitada de 10

Lady in red - Edição limitada de 10

Simunye (Oneness) - Edição limitada de 5

The Protector - Edição limitada de 5

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