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Arnulfo de Jesús Maria Cardoso was born in Angola, in the 60's, during a very turbulent period.

At the age of 9, during the civil war in Angola, he was kidnapped by an Angolan guerrilla organization, becoming a soldier for 8 years.

At the age of 17 he manages to escape to Portugal and start a new life. However, given his trajectory and his participation in the civil war, he had to flee Portugal and go to Brazil for fear of political retaliation. It was where he lived for 30 years of his life and had the opportunity to graduate and complete his studies in the field of Marketing and Advertising.

After the end of Angola's civil war, Arnulfo returned to Luanda in 2008 to meet his family after 45 years. With that return, he decides that he must start a new life, in a new country. Spain was the chosen location.

He is in Spain, has a normal life and has a family. His wife was the person who advised him, helped him and taught him to paint.

“It was she who brought all my fears, ghosts and also my creativity to the surface. Things that with years of therapy I hadn't achieved. There were so many things inside that I needed to find a way to release them, the solution was art. I paint the social injustices, the slavery that was one of the greatest injustices of the human being. When I paint, I travel in an inner world that is mine alone.”

Currently, Sisay participates in several national and international exhibitions.


Events and Exhibitions

Artist's Artworks


A Mãe de todas as Mães



Himba, a Aldeia Fantasma

Mary Prince

Não vivas com medo

A Escrava Sexual

A noiva do Sudão

Caribe é Espanha


Kuata, Kuata


O Escravo do Campo

A Jovem África


Cartadora de água

Guenguela Cakombe

La Nongqawause, Profetisa dos Xhosas da África do Sul

Nour Falek, mãe do Sultão Hussein Kamel

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