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N'dongo Mukongo ia Suekí (Angola, b. 1981) which in Kimbundu - Angolan national dialect - means a crocodile in search of brighter days is the artistic name of Ronaldo Ferreira, a self-taught multidisciplinary artist.

His migration experience, having passed through Luanda, Lobito, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Catania, influences his worldview, his political vision, and his artistic practice. His formal contact with the image during his technical training in Graphic Design at ETIC (Technical School of Image and Communication, Lisbon) deepens his understanding of the possibilities and impact of the image on the way of thinking of a society.

He started his artistic practice professionally in 2015, working between Italy and Angola. He has participated in several solo and group shows, art fairs and artist residencies in Angola, Portugal, France, Turkey, Cape Verde and South Africa.

Mainly exploring themes of identity, migration and recurring social problems, with a strong focus on Africa and its diaspora, he combines mediums from photography (digital and film), video, painting, drawing, collage, installation and performance; and materials such as wood, metal, wire, recycled or found objects.

In a fusion between rationality and intuition, the artist tries to unveil, among the many layers, the marginal side of life and the forgotten or invisible realities.


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